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8 Reasons Why Every Digital Nomad Should Use Revolut!

Being a nomad or frequent traveller often means trying to find the best banking solution for spending + withdrawing your hard earned cash in the countless destinations you travel through whilst not paying outrageous fees for doing so. We often get asked by our users this question, so we decided to create a post giving 8 reasons why every digital nomad should use Revolut.

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Top 10 Digital Nomad Destinations for 2019

The digital nomad scene is truly thriving. And with a study by Citrix predicting that 50% of the workforce will work remotely by 2020, the industry is set to flourish even more.

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Upgrade your creativity in 2019!

Here at Wandergo HQ, we’ve always believed that learning is a continuous journey. No matter where you are in life right now, you never really stop acquiring new skills or building up existing ones. You always have the option to improve yourself by simply being open to learning new things!

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5 Easy ways to go plastic free!

You've probably heard a lot about the problems that plastic consumption is causing on our planet and wildlife.. but what are you doing to avoid this huge negative impact? This is not a single problem, it is universal. It is everywhere and it affects the whole earth - from the smallest living creature to the largest ocean - so we want to raise awareness for this matter.

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22 Things I learnt in 22 years

One thing that connects all of us, is that we are all students of life.

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The Ultimate List of Digital Nomad Jobs

Central to any digital nomad lifestyle is the actual money-making activity that you will allow you to work from anywhere in the world. For many people ...

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Meet 'The Budgeteers'

At Wandergo, we were lucky enough to sponsor 'The Budgeteers' latest youtube series, where they travel through India on a budget! We have been following their videos on youtube through the years, so when we got the chance to sponsor their new series for our 1.0 version, we were more than happy to help make it happen!


Choosing the right workspace?

For many years, the workplace has been a set location but as technology has evolved, the concept of ‘the office’ is becoming evermore broad. Nowad ...

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What is a 'Digital Nomad' and how to become one?

You might have seen the pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Girls and guys sitting with their laptops next to beautiful rice paddies in Bali or on the beach in Thailand. It looks pretty cool, right? but what exactly are these ‘digital nomads’ doing and how can you do it too?

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We like to help...

Did you know we currently plant 5 trees for every booking we receive through the wandergo app? We believe that as a company, you should be willing to try to make a change to environment we live in, for ourselves and for our future generations. That's why we decided to partner with Eden Reforestation projects, we have already helped plant more than 3500 trees in Madagascar, awesome!

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How to budget whilst nomading?

One of the most common question in the world of long-term travel is just how much money should one save before setting off on their travels. Regardle ...