Upgrade your creativity in 2019!

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Upgrade your creativity in 2019!

Here at Wandergo HQ, we’ve always believed that learning is a continuous journey. No matter where you are in life right now, you never really stop acquiring new skills or building up existing ones. You always have the option to improve yourself by simply being open to learning new things!

We are avid users of Skillshare, an online platform where you can really learn a variety of different creative skills, improvement of mobile application development being one of them for us… Hopefully it paid off!

Anyway enough about us, this article is really about helping our users know about these platforms, and why they are a great place to upgrade your skill sets!

The amount of available courses are mind boggling, ARHMAGAWD there are literally thousands to choose from, whether you want to upgrade your social media marketing skills, photography editing, pitching to investors and many many more, you can be sure you’re in the right place at Skillshare.

We’re so happy with what we have pulled from this enormous creativity network, we spoke with the team at Skillshare and have managed to secure a great discount for our beautiful users… Oooh mama.

So if you would like to get 2 MONTHS FREE use to the entire skillshare network and learn/upgrade your skills, all you have to do is touch (caress) that beautiful picture below. I like it when you touch me.


Psst, you can even upload your own courses to the platform and make a little side hustle from it! We know some creatives making over £15,000 per month just off their courses! We asked them to borrow some money, they said no.

Anyyyywayyyy, heres to a mega successful 2019 for you guys, your all going to smash it! We are working on some cool new features and upgrades behind the scenes, so keep an eye out for our next version. If you wanna tell your mate Frank about us in the meantime, please feel free to let them know how awesome we are, or shit, we won't judge you, promise.