8 Reasons Why Every Digital Nomad Should Use Revolut!

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8 Reasons Why Every Digital Nomad Should Use Revolut!

Being a nomad or frequent traveller often means trying to find the best banking solution for spending + withdrawing your hard earned cash in the countless destinations you travel through whilst not paying outrageous fees for doing so. We often get asked by our users this question, so we decided to create a post giving 8 reasons why every digital nomad should use Revolut.

PLUS if you head to the bottom of this post, all Wandergo users will be able to order a FREE Revolut card! Sweeeeeet!

1 - It's easy to freeze your card!


In the unfortunate event your card is lost or stolen whilst you are traveling, Revolut allows you to quickly block your card via the Revolut app.

Plus you are also able to change your PIN in seconds directly from your phone. No more expensive calls and long waits with your card issuer!

2 - Quickly convert your money into other currencies!


Traveling between countries can be a pain, especially when the currency is different. Luckily, gone are the days where you would need to search for a bank or ATM upon arrival! With Revolut you can interchange currencies in real time at VERY competitive rates.

This means you are ready to spend as soon as you land! You can even make and receive bank transfers in the local currency should you need to pay for things like rent or utilities.

3 - Easily split bills with friends.


Forget the complicated task of splitting bills after dinner or when at the bar with friends. With Revolut, you can easily enter the total and then request the correct amount from each person in the group.

You won’t ever be out of pocket again after dining with fellow nomads!

4 - Round up payments and save towards a travel goal.


Wish you were better at saving money? A handy feature of Revolut is the “round up” feature. Basically, every time you make a transaction you can choose how much to round up your spend.

The surplus cash is then saved into a separate sub account named after your chosen goal. You will be surprised how fast this can add up and help you on your travels!

5 - Benefit from cheaper travel insurance.


Simple pay as you go travel insurance at competitive prices. Simply activate your travel insurance within the Revolut app and start or stop the cover as needed.

This handy feature means you are always covered wherever you go, at a touch of a button!

6 - Generate a temporary virtual card for online bookings.


Don’t want to risk credit card fraud when booking online in different countries? With Revolut you can simply generate a virtual card to use online that can only be used once.

This eliminates the risk of your details being stolen and gives your piece of mind while travelling.

7 - Set budgets and control spending.


Within the Revolut app you have access to realtime spending data that shows you where and what you are spending. If you need to stick to a budget, simply configure the spending limits within the app.

This is the perfect way to keep on top of your spending every single day

8 - Withdraw local currency from ATMs without fees!


The days of paying extortionate fees when withdrawing cash from ATMs overseas are gone! With Revolut you benefit from no fees when withdrawing cash, as long as you have a balance in the local currency.

Over time, this can save you a LOT of money!

We reached out to Revolut and have now secured FREE cards for all of our users! AWESOME!

To claim your free Revolut card, simply hit the image below and register your details with Revolut!